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Ergonomics is big business! What products really work the best? Find out the features of products and read reviews before you buy!

A Review of Ergonomically-Designed Pens star
A review of stick-style and alternatively designed ergonomic pens, a comparison of ink styles, and my top picks for writing comfort.

Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis Pain? Gifts That Help star
As Black Friday rapidly approaches, here are some shopping suggestions to help you choose the perfect gift for family, friends or co-workers or who suffer from the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, or arthritic hand joints.

Cold, Achy Fingers? Use a Warm Mouse star
For those who experience cold hands while mousing or typing, or for those who use a computer in an air-conditioned work environment, the Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket Pouch, the Warm Mouse, and the Warm Mouse Pad designed by IMG Products deserve a second look.

Dragon Naturally Speaking - Voice Recognition star
Dragon Naturally Speaking is perhaps the most well known voice recognition software in use by the ordinary person. It can take dictation, control web browsing, or work with a spreadsheet. Version 12 has expanded useability that makes it even better for those with upper extremity limitation.

DXT Presicision Mouse - Product Review star
The DXT Precision Mouse is an departure from standard vertical or highly canted mouse design. In fact, hand contact with the mouse is restricted to the fingers and thumb.

ErgoMates - Product Review star
Product Review for ErgoMates, the portable and individual anti-fatigue mat you attach to your shoe.

EZ Eyes Keyboard star
EZ Eyes Low Vision and Low Light Keyboard- Article Review. This lightweight and standard size keyboard has some great advantages.

GoRiser Laptop stand - Product Review star
Have you traveled with a laptop? On a recent business trip I was given a Fellowes GoRiser laptop stand. Highly portable and compact, this piece of equipment has a lot to recommend it.

Healthy Hands on DVD - An Exercise Program Review star
A review of Healthy Hands on DVD - an upper-body conditioning program developed to improve the flexibility, strength and endurance of those at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries.

Joy for a Sore Back star
The BackJoy is designed to create a good postural alignment between the sacrum and lumbar areas. This in turn promotes but does not force the other spinal curves into the most functional position for seated work. It's a great concept.

Keyboard Wrist Rests - Only the basics star
Which wrist-rest should you choose? How do you know it's the right one? Read this article for some pros and cons to the different designs and materials.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboards 4000 & 7000 star
Microsoft teamed with ergonomists to design the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. This keyboard improves comfort while typing and reduces the risk of repetitive injuries. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 7000 offers the same features with wireless technology.

Mouse Mitt - Product Review star is a small California company that produces different and very useful wrist support for the mouser and keyboarder. I particularly like the Soft Splint both as a hand / wrist protector for the general user and for the person recovering from injury after the initial phase.

Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 star
Many people use the mouse up to 3 times as often as they use the keyboard. Now, Microsoft has added the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 to its “Natural” & ergonomic line of products.

Obus Forme Backrest and Seat star
The Obus® Forme product line is designed to support you in a neutral spinal alignment with good sacral stablilty. The back support provides alighment of the torso. The seat facilitates a good hip and leg positioning resulting in a strong base of support for action.

One Touch Can Opener-Product Review star
This is a product review of a very portable and flexible one handed battery operated can opener - Great for the kitchen and for picnics!

RollerMouse Product Review star
One of the major problems wiht keybaord designs for right handed people is that the number pad is fixed on the right side. One elegant solution to this is the Contour RollerMouse.

RSI Prevention Software - Product Review star
Good work techniques and patterns may be more important than your equipment in staying healthy and pain-free at your computer. The best of RSI Injury Prevention software is designed to help you develop those good habits. RSI Guard is an example of the best.

The 3M Ergonomic Mouse - A Product Review star
A review of the 3M Ergonomic Mouse. One of the first vertical mice on the market, the design of this mouse places the forearm in a neutral, hand-shake position relieving muscle strain and fatigue.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse - A Product Review star
A review of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. The unique design of this mouse places the forearm in a neutral, hand-shake position rather than in a palm-down position relieving muscle strain and fatigue.

Ultra Comfort Chair - Product Review star
Finding an easy chair that will fit and be comfortable when you have a sore back is quite a trick. Another is figuring how to get up once you get down. This equipment review looks at a chair that can help.

Wraptastic Product Review star
Many kitchen gadgets say they are ergonomic. How well do they fulfill their promises? This article looks at the Wraptastic using plastic wrap as the material to be managed.

Wrist Rests - Proper Use & Function star
The wrist rest is probably the most widely used and misunderstood piece of ergonomic equipment available. Find out the proper use and function and learn how to avoid potential typing injuries.

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