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Wraptastic Product Review
Many kitchen gadgets say they are ergonomic. How well do they fulfill their promises? This article looks at the Wraptastic using plastic wrap as the material to be managed.

Dragon Naturally Speaking - Voice Recognition
Dragon Naturally Speaking is perhaps the most well known voice recognition software in use by the ordinary person. It can take dictation, control web browsing, or work with a spreadsheet. Version 12 has expanded useability that makes it even better for those with upper extremity limitation.

DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis-Thumb and Wrist Pain
DeQuervain's Syndrome is a painful and limiting condition of the thumb tendons - and it can make you feel helpless. Almost everything we do except walk uses our thumbs, from buttoning a shirt to riding a bike, to opening a door.

One Touch Can Opener-Product Review
This is a product review of a very portable and flexible one handed battery operated can opener - Great for the kitchen and for picnics!

EZ Eyes Keyboard
EZ Eyes Low Vision and Low Light Keyboard- Article Review. This lightweight and standard size keyboard has some great advantages.

Gardening, Health and Ergonomics
Book Review of GardenYour Way to Health and Fitness by Bunny Guinnes and Jacqueline Knox. This book is a fine reference for gardening and garden safety. The authors are a professional garden designer and a physiotherapist. The combination results in a beautiful and well organized journey.

Ergonomics Looks at the Whole Person
Ergonomics deals with the whole person: the physical, perceptual, cognitive, and mental state. Each one affects the other.

Measuring Ergonomics
When ergonomics is considered in job design, employee training, and in personal comfort, work becomes more efficient and enjoyable. No one likes to work in a state of pain. Employers benefit from a workforce that is healthy and working at peak potential. Ergonomics can support this

ErgoConcept- Memory Limits
Why do we make errors everyday? How did that flour end up in the refrigerator and the milk in the pantry? Here, we look at the mental workload of every day life and how it contributes to these errors.

Joy for a Sore Back
The BackJoy is designed to create a good postural alignment between the sacrum and lumbar areas. This in turn promotes but does not force the other spinal curves into the most functional position for seated work. It's a great concept.

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