Stomach Issues
This area will help you find supplements that will inhance your stomach and intestinal health as well as for your whole body. You cannot cut your gut off from everything else. It is all integrated.

Anti-aging Cure with Herbs star
A new product is on the market called Protandim that touts its ability to significantly reduce oxidative stress. The studies on this product are more than impressive. They are amazing! And if ever you take time out to read an article on health this is the one!

B12 - A Naturopathic Perspective star
This article is about how to supplement with Vitamin B12, how it is produced in the stomach and intestines and the naturopathic perspective on supplementation orally or through injection.

Eat Right For Your Type – Book Review star
Eat right for your type by Dr. Peter J. D’Andamo is a detailed guide on what to eat based on your blood type. When I heard that type O’s have more digestive problems than any other type I really had to see for myself what this was all about.

Fatty Liver Disease (NASH) star
The liver plays an essential role in digestion and overall body health. Fatty Liver Disease, or Non-Alcoholic Steatorrhoeic Hepatosis (NASH), is typically a sign of obesity in people over the age of 30, yet Fatty Liver Disease appears in approximately 10-20% of the population.

Fight FDA Fascism - Deadline: Dec.1 star
The FDA threatens our access to safe nutritional supplements while giving pharmaceutical companies the go ahead to kill many thousands every year with dangerous drugs. We must take action this November! Please contact congressmen and senators. Pass this on. This article explains the situation.

Gas and Bloating (Flatulence) star
Gastrointestinal bloating due to gasses that have entered the system, or are produced in the system, result in embarrassing belching and flatulence. Use this article as a quick reference to the causes and avoidance of the overproduction of gas.

Glutathione Miracle for Parkinson's Disease star
Find out what some doctors are saying about the miraculous benefits of Glutathione injections for advanced Parkinson's Disease

Hiccups – Digestive Causes and Ultimate Cure star
As anyone knows, hiccups can be a painful phenomenon that can anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or longer. The possible digestive causes of hiccups plus the ultimate cure (yes, it really works!) can be found in this article.

Iodine for Total Health star
Underlying GI disorders are nutritional deficiencies. They must be recognized and dealt with. Much of it you can do at home. On occasion it is best to seek the help of a well educated physican in nutritional applications. Seek an iodine literate doctor especially if you have thyroid disorder.

Laughter and Your Stomach Health star
If you are stressed out, you probably suffer from many types of stomach pain and disorders. What is the universal remedy for stomach and intestinal issues due to stress? Laughter! Laughter creates a litany of anti-stress responses that can have a positive affect on your stomach and body health.

Mitigating Dangers of Statin Drugs star
Statin drugs are certainly the rage these days. It seems that more people take them than those who don't. Doctors think that they are the answer to some very serious diseases. But from the alternative point of view statins that are toxic and can be dangerous. Learn how coenzyme Q10 is involved.

Nine Step Osteoporosis Plan star
A nine step plan to maintain and rebuild bones includes exactly what minerals and vitamins that you require daily. Don't be fooled by your doctor. Preserve your health by doing it right.

Rotavirus Information and Natural Therapies star
Yet another reason to supplement your child´s diet with lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium bifidus, or other friendly bacteria that restores healthy flora to the digestive system.

The Four Agreements - Book Review star
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is an inspirational guide toward living a life of emotional freedom. If stress and anxiety are causing stomach issues that are impairing your ability to fully enjoy life, this book is the perfect remedy.

Vitamin D3, What You Need to Know star
As our national and world levels of chronic disease continues to sky rocket finally someone is telling us the truth about our need for vitamin D3 and how it can prevent cancer and many other serious diseases.

Wheat-free Heartburn Recipe star
This main course recipe is delicious, healthy, and contains no ingredients that commonly trigger acid reflux, GERD and heartburn. It is also wheat-free, so is perfect for celiac disease sufferers.

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