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Alternative Therapy
Alternative therapy includes everything from supplements, homeopathy, naturopathy, to detox protocols, to non-approved FDA therapies like MMS. Learn what alternative thinking people are doing here.

Book / Movie
Here you will find book and movie reviews on films that can have a positive impact on your health and attitude towards living covering topics in envrionment, diet and nutrition, drugs, as well as soci

This link will provide articles relating to cancer treatments that I think are worth considering. Whether you have cancer of the digestive system or other kinds, you will want to read these articles.


Diagnostic Tests
This area will cover the wide variety of tests and procedures used to diagnose and treat GI issues and other important diseases.



Liver, Gall Bladder & Pancreas
Here we explore issues that affect digestion caused by liver and gall bladder problems


MMS and Oxidative
MMS is a new alternative treatment to deal with parasite or microbial issues. It may be effective in candida and a multitude of ┬┤unknown┬┤ microbial disorders. This section will also report on other o

Nutrition and Diet
You cannot separate your stomach from the rest of your body. Understanding total body needs in nutrition and diet is required for optimal health. Learn new ideas to make your nutrition superior here!

Preventive Care

Small Intestinal

This subject tells about a variety of stomach problems and how those problems may cause not only stomach disease but other diseases thoughout the body

This area will help you find supplements that will inhance your stomach and intestinal health as well as for your whole body. You cannot cut your gut off from everything else. It is all integrated.

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