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Just as the topic suggests, here is where you will find articles on relevant book and movies having to do with a variety of topics from the Military to Veterans´ Issues.

A Walk in the Sun – The facts behind the movie star
US soldiers from all walks of life land on the beach in Solerno, Italy during WWII with the mission to take control of a farmhouse held by Nazis and destroy a bridge. Learn more about what really happened.

Corregidor – The facts behind the movie star
This cheesy movie, often interspersed with dull political-type speeches about honor and glory and democracy and good versus evil was a shameful reflection of the truth of the Battle of Corregidor. Learn more about the facts.

Facts Behind WWII Movies - QUIZ star
How much do you know about the facts behind some of the WWII movies? Don´t forget to sign in before taking this quiz. Top scores will be listed each week in the newsletter!

Go For Broke – The facts behind the movie star
Go For Broke is the movie about the formation, deployment, and heroics of the 442nd, predominantly made up volunteers of ‘loyal American citizens of Japanese descent’. Learn more about this fantastic force.

Gung Ho – The facts behind the movie star
Gung Ho is the story the establishment of a specialized Marine force trained in guerilla techniques. Once trained, this elite force successfully -- although with tremendous losses – took the island of Makin from Japanese control. Learn more about the facts behind this movie.

Lone Survivor featuring Marcus Luttrell star
Lone Survivor details a survivors account of a harrowing combat ordeal in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan as part of a Navy Seal Recon Team.

Review - The Price of Their Blood star
The Price of Their Blood, by Jesse Brown, written in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Daniel Paisner, offers compelling portraits of more than a dozen American men and women, including:

Review – Charlie Company star
“... and he suddenly felt, among the old crowd, like a man among boys...It was, he thought, as if they wanted to bury Vietnam – as if it didn’t exist for them except as a nightly series of film strips on the six o’clock television news. For him, it was a vivid ongoing reality.”

Review – Eyes on the Horizon star
“Once the key players are in place, the administration will need to craft a grand strategy to guide the actions of the United States as it deals with myriad challenges it will confront in protecting our vital national interests.” – Gen. Richard B. Myers

Review – Facing the Wall star
“Today was to be the turning point in my life. Feelings I had buried so deeply had begun to surface. I had taken my first step on a journey that would transport me from my comfortable home back to the jungles of Vietnam, and forward into an uncertain future of pain and betrayal.” – Phil Ferrazano

Review – Forever a Soldier star
“They shared with their American compatriots canned food and hardtack rolls, ‘the kind we used to throw at each other when we were in Ambulance Section, but now tasted like cake in comparison to the bread the Germans were providing.’” ~~Harold Riley

Review – Tears of a Warrior star
“Trauma is a silent, invisible adversary that makes daily life a greater challenge.” “Silent screams and hidden wounds live in most of us and hide as unconscious and unforgettable memories. Don’t let your past experiences steal your joy, your faith..., your today or tomorrow.” Janet & Tony Seahorn

Review – The All-Volunteer Force star
“It’s a great day to be a soldier. Manning the force [US Army Recruiting Command], and thus meeting today’s young men and women who choose to put on the uniform, is probably the most rewarding job I have had since I joined the military.” ~~ Dennis D. Cavin

Review – Voices from Vietnam star
“I am in bed and I remember this as clear as the day. The [VC] came through [the perimeter]. They killed one of our dog handlers and got into the ammo dump... We figured we lost all kinds of [dog handlers] because that was where our guys were.” – Charles Conn, Army MP Sentry Dog handler

Review – Voices of War star
“When the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress became law on October 27, 2000, [it] began archiving oral histories, memoirs, letters, photographs and journals from veterans and civilians who served in every war of conflict from World War I to the Present.” U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel

Review – Win Over PTSD star
“When you live with someone with PTSD, you must learn to strike a balance between being a saint (and a doormat) or becoming a drill instructor. Many days you will feel like you are walking a tightrope. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast, and you are not alone!” Charlene Rubush

Review: Draftee Goes to War star
This book documents life during the Vietnam War era in a way that few can or will do it. David Volk has done all of us a favor, especially those who served during the Vietnam War. He has done it in such a way to be realistic and tell it like it is, using the language the way it was used to point o

War by Sebastian Junger: A Book Review star
This is an incredible look at one of the most active areas during the Afghanistan War, the relationship built between soldiers, and how the experience of warfare changes their lives forever. Read about it here.

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