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Open wide and say, Ahhhh! We will provide information for you on Health Issues of the Veteran and their Family, and the associated Veterans Administration Health Care Benefits.

From the Battlefield to the Homefront star
The battle is over. Your hero has come home from the war. But now you can’t get him out of bed. How do you help your beloved veteran cope with the transition from the battlefield to the homefront?

Help Him Through the Valley of the Shadow of PTSD star
Eventually, someone is going to desperately need your old buddy’s help to walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of PTSD. And he can’t help until he is where you are now.

Hypertension and the Woman Veteran star
Hypertension or High Blood Pressure ranks second of the top three diagnosed ailments in Women Veterans. The key to defeating Hypertension is Blood Pressure Control.

Military Sexual Trauma star
The Veterans Administration's term for Sexual Assault is Military Sexual Trauma (MST). The VA is very sympathetic to those victims of MST. Treatment is FREE for all Veterans who meet the liberal criteria. Read all about it here.

Nerve Gas and Biological Testing on U.S. Troops star
From 1952 to 1975, the US Army used 7,000 of its personnel and 1,000 civilians for non-lethal, psychochemical weapons testing. From 1963 to 1970, the US Navy utilized 4,300 of its personnel in testing various nerve agents. There are questions, whether these personnel were aware of the tests.

PTSD (SA) Drug and Alcohol Abuse star
Drug and Alcohol Abuse with PTSD due to Sexual Assault will often be a means to self-medicate. It generally confuses the real issues. Spouses, family, and friends need to look beyond what appears on the surface. There may be a fire storm below.

PTSD (SA) Flashbacks and Regressions star
Flashbacks and regressions as a very dramatic part of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to Sexual Assault, PTSD (SA). We need to be able to understand the many faces of PTSD. This article is to aid the spouses, family, and friends in identifying the symptoms in order to help our Veterans.

PTSD (SA) Skewed Value System star
In this article, we will look at one confusing phase of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Sexual Assault, PTSD (SA), from the spouse's perspective. The goal is to help other spouses, family, and friends to recognize the signs. The only way to help our Veterans, is to understand their problems.

Secondary PTSD star
Soldiers serving in Iraq/Afghanistan are coming home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but there aren’t enough professionals available to meet the demand. Who picks up the slack?

Sexual Assault in the Military star
Each year the DoD and SAPR are required by law to issue a report on Sexual Assault in the military, and the steps being taken to combat it. Here is the current data.

Signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Vets star
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is very real and can have devastating effects on Veterans and their loved ones. By knowing the signs and symptoms of PTSD, you can understand your Veteran and help them get the health care they need.

The Center For The Intrepid star
If you haven't heard about the Center for the Intrepid (CFTI), located at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, it's time to pay attention.

Troops Exposed to Nerve Agents – the Benefits star
When you think of the battles you must wage throughout life, one of the most terrifying is that of dementia. What if you could find a way to treat dementia? Even if it put thousands of US soldiers through torturous experiments, would the benefit out-weight the cost?

Troops Exposed to Nerve Agents– Long-term Effects star
Anticholinesterase agents are a “persistent organophosphate”, meaning it persists in the environment and its effects are cumulative. Once someone is exposed to this organophosphorus anticholinesterase agent, every subsequent exposure causes greater sensitivity to the chemical.

Veterans On Drugs - star
Some recent Veterans have turned to professionals for help with PTSD and its symptoms. Many are receiving prescribed drugs in return. Is it the lesser of two evils?

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