Tatting Book Reviews

These book reivews are offered as an aid to help the tatter find patterns and to establish their tatting library. Tatting historians will find the reviews of vintage pubic domain tatting books or par

"Frivolite" by Tatiana Alexandrovna Klejmenova star
"Frivolite" by Tatiana Alexandrovna Klejmenova is not just a pattern book. It contains instructions in step by step illustrations showing all basics plus use of picot gauge, Josephine knots, block tatting, split ring and how to read diagrams, too.

3D Flower Tatting Yuuko Terachi star
"Art Tatting," vol. 1 and "3D Flower Tatting," vol. 2, two new books published in 2015 by Yuuko Terachi.

4 Seasons Ineke Kuiperij star
Ineke Kuiperij's new book of tatting patterns features designs for all four seasons of the year.

A Flight of Angels - Martha Ess star
Martha Ess has just released a new book. "A Collection of Angelic Tatting Patterns" is a spiral bound paperback book of 32 pages, 8.5" x 11" in size.

A Host of Angels by Christel Weidmann star
Christel Weidmann is a Master Tatter and Tatting Designer. This new book of angel patterns has challenges for the experienced tatter and basic tatting examples thoughtfully arranged for the new tatter.

A Tatter's Workbook star
This is a homemade notebook of tatting patterns which was edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot, LACIS Pubs. It has 112 pages of simple tatting patterns in glorious color.

Alicja Kwartnik Christmas star
Alicja Kwartnik's "Christmas with Needle Tatting" book with a tatted nativity on the cover is a paperbound A4 size book with 64 full color pages. The text is in Italian but the diagrams and the step by step photos allow tatters of all stages of experience to work through the book easily.

Alicja Kwartnik's star
This new book by Alicja Kwartnik is not a tatting pattern book. It is a guide to creating needle tatting which one attaches to cloth. Very Intriguing.

An Encyclopedia of Tatting star
S. I. Anni's "An Encyclopedia of Tatting" is a lavishly illustrated instructional tatting book with full color photographs on every page, hb, 78 pages, pub. 2007. Russian.

Angeline Crichlow's Books star
Angeline Crichlow's daughter is again making her mother's tatting publications available to tatters everywhere. You may remember Angeline from a previous article here on BellaOnline.com: Building a Tatting Library - Angeline Crichlow, http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art16413.asp

ANNA Burda magazine star
"ANNA" was an all around magazine for needle artists of every genre. Their May issue featured tatting for years.

Anna G. Vecherskaya star
Anna G. Vecherskaya's "FRIVOLITÉ, Practical course in making lace with shuttles" is an A4 paper booklet with 24 pages. Moscow ©1991. It is in the Russian language.

Art 3D Tatting by Yuuko Terachi star
Art 3D Tatting by Yuuko Terachi Vol. 3 has Japanese and English text. This is a petite booklet of 46 pages in size 6" x 8", paper back. The full color photography of these tatted pieces of jewelry and their clear diagrams are enhanced with excellent photo tutorials.

Art of 3-D Tatting Vol. 3 - Terachi Yuuko star
Introducing Vol. 3 of Art 3D Tatting by Japanese Tatting Designer, Yuuko Terachi

Art Tatting Jewelry Lyn Morton star
A new book is from well known designer and long time tatter, Lyn Morton of the UK. It is "The Art of Tatting Jewelry, Exquisite Lace and Bead Designs." Lyn's book is 110 pages.

Art Tatting Yuuko Terachi star
"Art Tatting," vol. 1 and "3D Flower Tatting," vol. 2, two new books published in 2015 by Yuuko Terachi.

Bead and Jewellery #98 star
A new book, actually a magazine, from the UK which has proven itself to be a true delight. It may be a bit hard to find but it will be worth it. Yes, look at the cover!

Beaded Tatting by Bernadette Baldelli star
Bernadette Baldelli's new book, "Frivolité avec des perles." Altho written in French, the photos and diagrams with the double stitch count make these pattern available to all of us.

Ben Fikkert's "Frivolité" star
Ben Fikkert's "Frivolité" ©1984 was his first tatting publication. It is a small paperback with 30 pages. All the basic tatting techniques are presented in tutorials in the first 20 pages of the book.

Beverly Cash & Jennifer Freudenburg Tatting Manual star
To be ... or Knot to be - a Tatting Manual by Beverly Cash and Jennifer Freudenburg

Bloemenweedle - Ineke Kuiperij star
Ineke combines traditional tatting with free form tatting and wire work to create these lovely tatted flowers. She gives us patterns for roses, daffodils, tulips, anthurium, hydrangeas , anemones, Asiatic lilies and calla lilies.

Book Reprinted by House of White Birches (Tatting) star
Identification of the original sources for the House of White Birches Tatting Book series and a short history of HWB, now known as DRG network.

Braccialetti by Alicja Kwartnik star
This new book presents nine tatted bracelets treatments. All the bracelets are embellished with regular beads, pearls and fancy beads.

Branching Encapsulation by Sherry Pence star
This is the fourth book by Sherry Pence is also known as LadyShuttleMaker for the wonderful ceramic shuttles she hand crafts.

Building a Tatting Library - Angeline Crichlow star
Angeline Crichlow was an inspirational tatter. To celebrate the 1976 USA Bicentennial, she pubished a book on tatting, "Let's Tat!"

Building a Tatting Library - Anne Orr star
A tatting reference library is a wonderful resource for all tatters. Start building your own reference library by acquiring the most influential books of the 20th century.

Building a Tatting Library - Butterick's star
Butterick's 1896 "Tatting & Netting, 150 pages of vintage tatting patterns and much more!

Building a Tatting Library - Ineke Kuiperij star
Ineke Kuiperij is a name to remember. A master tatter from the Netherlands, she has created a wonderful world of 3-dimensional tatting. Her tatted Carousel is a wonder to behold!

Building a Tatting Library - Iris Niebach star
The books of Iris Niebach. Iris Niebach presents good strong traditional tatting patterns in her books. She often designs several smaller motifs which she then uses as the basic building block for several large and small doilies and lace pieces.

Building a Tatting Library - Jane Eborall star
Jane Eborall, Master Tatter

Building a Tatting Library - Jon Yusof star
Jon Yusof has recently published a trio of tatting booklets, "Elegant Tatting Gems" 2011, "Tatting with Rings (around Cabone Rings)" 2009, "Tatted Snowflakes Collection" 2008.

Building a Tatting Library - Karen Bovard star
Karen Bovard's first tatting book, "Fun With Split Ring Tatting", has wonderfully illustrated instructions for the basic split ring as well as illustrations to cover many of its uses in tatting.

Building a Tatting Library - Karey Solomon star
Karey Solomon is the editor of "Tatting Times" which is celebrating 24 years. Here is a list of her tatting booklets.

Building a Tatting Library - Lady Hoare star
The Art of Tatting...A Tatting Book without Patterns by Lady Katharin Hoare and Carmen Sylva

Building a Tatting Library - Standards star
A tatting reference library is a wonderful resource for all tatters. Start building your own reference library by acquiring the most influential books of the 20th century.

Building a Tatting Library -Techniques star
A tatting reference library is a wonderful resource for all tatters. Start building your own reference library by acquiring the most influential books of the 20th century.

Butterflies by Iris Niebach star
Iris has just published another fantastic book. This one is devoted all to butterflies! A dozen fluttering beauties are presented in this 35 page book.

Chiacchierino Il Natale by Annamaria Riccardi star
Chiacchierino Il Natale by Annamaria Riccardi; This new book by Annamaria Riccardi is red hot with color and tempting holiday designs.

Christmas Balls #2 - Nadine Nunnelley star
Nadine Nunnelley announced the publication of her third book, Tatted Christmas Balls #2. Easy and fast to do.

Christmas Ornaments Ineke Kuiperij star
Everything for Christmas Book 3 (2016) by Ineke Kuiperij Her gift for tatting 3-dimensional (3-d) objects is astounding.

Christmas Tatting - Inga Madsen star
The cover of Inga Madsen's 2017 Christmas Ornament book shows an asymmetrical tatted heart which is very "avant-garde" in construction. It is a wonderful example how we can modernize our traditional tatting designs and find a new metier to explore.

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These book reviews are offered as an aid to help the tatter find patterns and to establish their tatting library. Tatting historians will find the reviews of vintage pubic domain tatting books helpful.

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More tatting books reviews coming soon

Creationes Artime Frivolité 1 star
Creationes Artime Frivolité 1. Although the instructions are printed in Spanish, the excellent full color diagrams make the patterns easy to follow. The double stitch counts are clearly marked on the diagrams.

Die Schiffchenarbeit - It's All Tatting star
Die Schiffchenarbeit - It's All Tatting Free tatting book online. There are no patterns. There are no diagrams. Just close up detailed photos of the tatting.

Dora Young Knot star
A remarkable tatter and the only tatter to have received a patent for a tatting technique, Dora Young published the book, "All New Knotless Tatting Designs." You will remember mention of the "Dora Young Knot", the bridging or split chain technique. A list of famous books at the end.

Easter (Spring) Motifs - Christel Weidmann star
Christel Weidmann is a Master Tatter and Tatting Designer. Published in German, Ms. Weidmann's book of imaginative graphic style patterns with a spring Easter theme has been re-released.

Edwige Renaudin - La Frivolité aux Navettes star
Edwige Renaudin, "La Frivolité aux Navettes, Les Bases Fondamentales Perfectionnées Vol. 1" published by éditions didier carpentier, 2012, HB, more than 1000 photos and illustrations

Embellishing with Edgings star
"Embellishing with Edgings" Book Review Lace edgings with beautiful color thread.

Emiko Kitao Tatting Lace star
Tatting Lace Accessories by Emiko Kitao ©2014 Applemints #108 Asahi Originals #453 This new tatting book is absolutely surprising! It has some really creative techniques and 3-dimensional tatting, too.

Flights of Fantasy Martha Ess star
This is a spiral bound paperback book of 38 pages, 8.5" x 11" in size. Presented by Master Tatter, Martha Ess, this is a set of patterns to delight and challenge all tatters.

Flitting Fingers by Virginia Mescher star
"Flitting Fingers: Tatting in the 19th Century by Virginia Mescher

Foreign Language Book Reviews star
A discussion of writing book reviews for foreign language pattern books.

Georgiana Bromley - Needle Tatting star
"Tatting with a Needle for Beginners" by Georgiana Bromley. This book contains the basic instructions for both left and right handed needle tatters. It also presents the instructions in a unique manner with many references to knitting.

German Language Tatting Books star
A list of tatting books in the German language.

Ginny Weathers - Christmas Bk 2 review star
Ginny Weathers, an award winning tatter, and long-time contributor to the Online Tatting Class presents her second Christmas book, "12 Ornaments of Christmas Book 2".

Grandmother's Heirloom Handiwork star
Grandmother's Heirloom Handiwork, this booklet has no date on it but has the feel and appearance of needlework books of the late '70's and early '80's such as "Stitch'n'Sew" or "Popular Needlework."

Happy Occhi by Petra Tornack-Zimmermann star
"Happy Occhi", a new book in German (English translation available). Square motifs in tatted lace by Petra Tornack-Zimmermann 2013. Pattern shared is Sonnenschein from page 20

Hisayo Sugita's star
Hisayo Sugita's "Tatting Lace" is a lavishly photographed book which would challenge the beginning tatter and would provide many hours of happy tatting for the experienced.

How to Needle Tat A Beginners guide star
Laura Evans' "How to Needle Tat: A Beginner's Guide Book"

Ich Kann Handarbeiten 1913 star
"Ich Kann Handarbeiten" is the German title of a public domain book we know as "Handwork from our grandmother's era". The original was published in German by Mizi Donner and Carl Schnebel, 1913, Berlin. It is actually are the work of Frau Tina Frauberger.

Il Lavoro Chiacchierino #19 star
Il Lavoro Chiacchierino #19 2016 pub Casa Editrice Mani di Fata, the newest issue of the Italian tatting magazine.

Il Lavoro Chiacchierino Series star
Here's an update on this long-running series of tatting books produced by Mani di Fata is a treasure trove of traditional tatting patterns.

Ineke Kuiperji's Musical Clowns star
Ineke Kuiperij is a master tatter from the Netherlands. Her talent for constructing 3-dimensional (3-d) objects from tatted lace is astounding. Her new book is Musical Clowns.

Italian Tatted Jewelry Mag. Review star
Here is a new series of tatting pattern magazines from Italy. "Il Mio Chiacchierino" is published by Cigra in Milan. It is a slick glossy publication with about 50 pages in each issue. Gorgeous!

Japanese Tatting Instructions Clover 71-360 star
This is a very petite booklet with but 24 pages (including the covers.) There are 10 patterns (counting the samples used for demonstration.) The patterns include small and medium sized motifs good for many uses singly and in multiples. The bracelets and necklace and simple but stylish.

Julie Patterson - Three Books star
These three books by Julie Patterson in Australia have long been out of print. The patterns are all easy to follow with clear diagrams and photos of the work. They have been brought back into print this week. They would be an excellent addition to any tatter's tatting reference library.

K. Solomon's Bookmarks & Button Abecedarius star
Karey Solomon, editor of Tatting Times, has recently published two new booklets of patterns, "Bouquet of Bookmarks" and "Button Abecedarius". 26 pages, 11 patterns, half size booklet.

Kimiko Ozawa's star
Kimiko Ozawa's "Tatting 3" is an A4 large size paperback booklet with only 20 pages and they are all in the Japanese language. The front cover has an excellent example of a traditional style tatted rectangular doily.

la frivolite au crochet by V. Deroover - review star
Sometimes called Cro-Tat, crochet-tatting uses a straight non-tapered shank similar to a tatting needle

La Frivolité Dentelle aux Navettes - review star
This French language tatting book is great for beginning tatters. Pascale Provost & Mick Fouriscot present all the basics in full color, step by step photos and illulstrations.

Lace of Beads #19 star
Beanile beaded lace is densely beaded but maintains the delicate airy look of tatted lace. Nina Libin has released her new book, "Essential Bead Tatting (Lace of Beads #19" For Needle & Shuttle Tatters, Part 2, 2015.

Lace of Beads #20 by Nina Libin star
Great News! Nina Libin's new book on beaded split rings is now available!!!! "Essential Bead Tatting Part 111-1 Symmetrical Beaded Split Rings (Shuttle Tatted)" @2016 is #20 in her series "Lace of Beads."

Lace of Beads #21 by Libin & Swank star
Great News! Nina Libin's new book on beaded split rings is now available!!!! "Essential Bead Tatting Part 111-2 Symmetrical Beaded Split Rings (Adapted for Needle Tatting)" @2016 is #21 in her series "Lace of Beads."

Lacework! Tatting Lace Asahi Originals star
"Lacework! Tatting Lace" is published by Applemints ©2013. It is a 8.5" x 10 " (22 x 26 cm) paperbound book with 65 pages packed with full color photos of the tatting, full color tutorials and multicolored diagrams.

LB Bailey Tatted One Shuttle Edgings star
Although "Tatted One Shuttle Edgings" is her first book, Leslie Birden Bailey is no beginner at tatting. She writes in the introduction that she began tatting in 1970. She was inspired by a scrap of tatted lace still attached to her late grandmother's tatting shuttle.

Lovely Tatting Doilies - Hye-oon Lee star
Hye-oon Lee has published a tatting book, Lovely Tatting: Doilies for Spring and Summer (in English.) Hye-oon presents many traditional style doilies, small and large. But there are some non traditional construction methods used especially in the center of several doilies. 2016

Lovely Tatting Doilies Fall and Winter Hye-oon Lee star
Hye-oon Lee, author of "Lovely Tatting: Doilies for Spring and Summer," has published a new book! English. Hye-oon presents many doily patterns with traditional edgings. Most of those in this book feature open centers instead of the round center ring

Lovely Tatting Lace - Korean star
"Lovely Tatting Lace" is a Korean language tatting instructions and patterns book. It is a paperback with 192 pages. There is full color on every page, even the diagrams. Beautiful work and easy to understands diagrams

Marilee Rockley star
Marilee has published another book! This book of necklaces, bracelets, earring and pendants is paperbound 8.5" x 11" and has 48 pages of full color tatting.

Marilee Rockley's book, star
Marilee Rockley's book, "Up and Tat'em."

Mary Maynard's Rings of Flowers star
Mary Maynard's "Ring of Flowers", tatting book has the flower patterns for notecards which remind me greatly of Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry.

Mastering Tatting - Lindsay Rogers star
"Mastering Tatting" by Lindsay Rogers is a hardback book with inner coil binding. It is 7.5" x 9.5", 111 pages in color. Published 2013 by GMC Pubs., UK. This book would make excellent reference book for any tatter.

More Fun with Split Ring Tatting - Karen Bovard star
Karen Bovard's new book has wonderfully illustrated instructions for the basic split ring as well as illustrations to cover many of its uses in tatting. Through these pages the tatter will gain a greater understanding of tatting construction.

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Needlework star
Mrs. Beeton's Book of Needlework Tatting section only

Nadine Nunnelley's Tatting 101 star
Nadine Nunnelley's, "Tatting 101 - A Course for the Beginning Tatter", offers a solid foundation for learning the fundamentals of traditional shuttle tatting.

Nanami Kou Tatting & Oya star
Nanami Kou has taken a number of basic tatting designs and embellished them with oya techniques. Japanese language with full diagrams

Needle Tatting by Alicja Kwartnik star
Both of Alicja Kwartnik's needle tatting books are printed in Italian. However, the patterns are presented with full color detailed photos and numbered diagrams. Although intended as a needle tatting book, all the patterns may be tatted with the tatting shuttle as well.

Needle Tatting from Donatella Ciotti star
The first book by Donatella Ciotti, an Italian tatting designer, that I have studied. It is full of easy patterns of jewelry and gifts items.

Needle Tatting Lace - Hiromi Imaizumi star
Hiromi Imaizumi's new book is a really good instruction manual for beginning needle tatters. The cover shows several small, dainty projects with the look of miniatures and a framed doily,but there is so much more inside!

Needle Tatting Lace - Sato Rei star
Ms. Sato presents 28 tatting patterns as learning exercises for the different techniques taught. Each is shown in great detail in the front of the new book.

New Books - Summer 2015 star
What a fantastic summer this has been for new tatting books. Here are some more books to add to your collection.

New Books by Foster and Heisler star
Two new tatting books from Handy Hands Tatting. Add them to your "Me to Me" list.

New Tatting Works - Korean star
New Tatting Works 2015 Ring & Picot; a collection of tatting patterns by the Korean Tatters' Society Ring & Picot

New Tatting Works 2016 Ring & Picot star
This is the second book review for this series. I paraphrase their mission statement: Organized May 2015, Ring & Picot seeks to promote the use of tatting and the art of tatted lace now and in the future.

Nina Libin - Beaded Pearl Tatting BK 17 star
Nina Libin - Beaded Pearl Tatting (Lace of Beads #17) This study of beaded pearl tatting will offer unique ways to incorporate multiple colors of beads with at least two colors of thread in one pass.

Nina Libin Beads & Knots Needle Tatting star
"Beads & Knots" Needle Tatted Jewelry. Nina Libin has prepared a new book especially for needle tatters. Some shuttle tatted beading techniques were not possible to reproduce as the diameter of the tatting needles would not accommodate all sizes of the delicate beads used in tatted beaded jewelry.

Occhi (Langwieser/Scharowa) star
Occhi Schiffchenspitze - Frivolité (Langwieser/Scharowa). The 2011 edition of this book is the same as the original edition with the addition of a few more motifs in the "Musterteil" section and the back section has two peacock designs (one is featured as the new cover to the third edition.)

Patchwork - Iris Niebach star
A new book by Iris Niebach with 20 new designs are presented as "patchwork pieces" which the tatter may assemble in many patterns.

Picot Play by Martha Ess star
Martha Ess has recently looked with new eyes at a very old tatting publication by Mrs. Cornelia and Miss Austin, "Tatting or Frivolité" and discovered there is more to a picot than we have previously realized.

PIECEWORK Lace issue 2018 star
I was delighted to see this issue has 3 pages of tatting. There is a two-page article by Kathy Augustine about a framed tatting sampler she rescued from an antique store. And, there is an elegantly simple tatted edging by Trish Faubion which is displayed on a linen hanky with one row of spokes.

Rhoda Auld - Tatting star
Tatting, The contemporary art of knotting with a shuttle - Rhoda L. Auld is an eye-opening book for tatters who are particularly interested in the construction of tatting.

Ribbonwinner Tatting Books star
Here is a list of the Books of the Ribbonwinners Series by Georgia Seitz and short descriptions of their contents. Available for sale.

Russian Tatting Books star
A short list of both paperback and hardback book of tatting patterns in the Russian language. Lots of black and white illustrations but many full color plates, too! The patterns run from traditional collars and doilies to antique reproductions and evena bit of jewelry and floral work.

Russian Tatting Books - Collector's List star
Russian Tatting Books - Collector's List This list will help you get started collecting Russian tatting books

Schiffchenspitzen - Waltraud Naumer star
Waltraud Naumer's Tatting Book : "Schiffchenspitzen Occhi Frivolités, ..." in 1984 (Verlag Paul Haupt Berne and Stuttgart.) The book presents the basic instructions for tatting and offers more than 100 traditional and modern patterns and examples of uses for the tatting.

Selection of Japanese Tatting Books star
Excellent tatting pattern books from Japan.

Singapore Tatting Book star
A new tatting book from Singapore, "Fun with Tatted Motifs." Irene Yeow says that she is a writer and freelance editor of educational books. She learned tatting from her co-author, Lilian Cheong, about 7 years ago.

Snowflakes in Split Ring Tatting K Bovard star
Karen Bovard's new book "Snowflakes in Split Ring Tatting" 2017 is both an eye-opener and a page-turner with physically correct 6-point snowflakes!

Spanish Language Tatting Book Reviews star
Short book reviews of several Spanish language tatting books.

Spanish Language Tatting Book Reviews 2 star
Short book reviews of several Spanish language tatting books. Part 2.

Sumi Fujishige - 2 Tatting Books (Japanese) star
Here is some detailed information about two wonderful books of tatting patterns in the Japanese Language by the talented tatting designer, Sumi Fujishige.

Sumie's Book of Beaded Tatting 2014 star
The Japanese tatting designer known only as "Sumie" has published a fourth book. It is the same petite size book, 8"x 8" (20 x 20 cm), in Japanese, paperbound with full color on all pages including tutorials and diagrams. It is full of beautiful beaded tatting patterns

Sumie's Kawaii tatting #3928 star
Sumie's Kawaii tatting hand work accessories a Lady Boutique book #3928 cover 2015

Swedish Tatting Books star
Information on tatting pattern books in Swedish.

Swedish tatting books update Anita Schaeder star
Anita Schaeder of www.anniesgranny.com shares an update on the article about Swedish tatting books.

Takako Kitano's Tatted Accessories star
Takako Kitano's "Small Tatted Lace Accessories" focuses on tatting to create wearable art, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments.

Tat Mats by Karey Solomon star
Tat Mats by Karey Solomon is a new booklet of original designs which may be used for many purposes. Singly, they could be mats, coasters, rug mugs or adorable motifs for clothing embellishment.

Tatted Christmas Balls star
Nadine presents reusable tatted holiday ornament covers.

Tatted Doilies & Edgings - Annamaria Riccardi star
Tatted Doilies and Edgings by Annamaria Riccardi

Tatted Garden Alphabet Ruth Perry star
Tatted Garden Alphabet by Ruth Perry aka Rozella Florence Linden 2013 "Letters from an Irish Country Cottage Garden" The new book presents all the letters of the alphabet in charming floral-themed patterns featuring the hanging tatted cluny leaf.

Tatted Jewelry - Annamaria Riccardi star
Tatted Jewelry, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings by Annamaria Riccardi. This 2013 book is full of easy and fun to tat traditional designs. Although printed in Italian, the full color photos and diagrams make it simple to follow directions.

Tatted Snowflakes Jennifer Williams star
Jennifer Williams' Tatted Snowflakes cover 2015

Tatted Treasures by Jan Stawasz star
Jan Stawasz's second book is finally released. This sequel to his "Tatting Theory and Patterns" was certainly worth the wait. It is a wonderful example of traditional style tatting.

Tatting & Patchwork star
"Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork" by Hazel Blomkamp, is not specifically a tatting book but it does have a six page section on the fundamentals of tatting.

Tatting Accessories Lady Boutique star
Tatting Accessories Lady Boutique Craft Series #3401 This is a new tatting pattern book from Japan 2012. It is a paper bound book, 8.25 x 8.25", and it has 80 pages nearly half of which are in full color. There are designs from several different tatting designers included.

Tatting Designs - Pam Palmer star
PAM PALMER IS BACK!! What a wonderful surprise to find a new book by the master tatter Pam Palmer. With the help of Heidi Nakayama, Pam has published a book of whimsical designs, critters, butterflies and even a doily!

Tatting Fantasia 4 by Iris Niebach star
Iris Niebach's new "Tatting Fantasia 4" has a cosmopolitan feel. Each of the dozen tatting projects included are named after a different well-known city.

Tatting Lace - CreAtor6 star
Tatting Lace by CreAtor 6 (sic) is a collaboration of ten tatting designers. It is large in size, 9" x 11.5" or 23 x 30 cm and fully half an inch thick! The 88 pages are all high quality heavy stock paper. Half the book is in full color showcasing the patterns while the other half has black and whit

Tatting Lace Bags by Yoko Hatakeyama star
Tatting Lace Bags by Yoko Hatakeyama. I was grinning the moment I saw these charming little tatted bags in such bright and gay colors and happy patterns.

Tatting Lace by CreAtor 8 star
Tatting Lace by CreAtor 8 (sic) is a collaboration of ten tatting designers. It is large in size, 9" x 11.5" or 23 x 30 cm and fully half an inch thick! The 88 pages are all high quality heavy stock paper. Half full color showcasing the patterns while the other half has black and white.

Tatting Lace Corsage & Accessories star
Tatting Lace Corsage & Accessories 2015 book by Emiko Kitao with 3-d flowers and wonderful designs. It is #560 in the Applemints line of needlework books by Asahi Originals.

Tatting Lace Flower Acc. Emiko Kitao star
Emiko Kitao's new book: "Tatting Lace Flower Accessories" 2016 @ applemints Asahi Originals #650

Tatting Lace Korean Language star
This new book from Korea is the second ever Korean language tatting book I have seen. Its emphasis is on tatting for utilitarian or household purposes.

Tatting Revisited Anita Hebert star
Tatting Revisited, A Shuttle Approach Right and Left Handed Manual Anita Hebert c. 2009 A Beginners Instruction Book.

The Big Book of Tatting - Eeva Talts star
Book Review: In English, the title is "The Big Book of Tatted Lace. In German, it is called "Das große Buch der Schiffchenspitze." And, "Suur Pitsiraamat" is the original Estonian title.

The Shuttle Brothers-Randy and Gary Houtz star
The Shuttle Brothers, Gary, shuttle brother #1, has been tatting since the mid-'70's, and is in real life an accountant. The "Udder Brudder", Randy, shuttle brother #2, worked for the Forest Service, but carved tatting shuttles for his brother. Both are tatting teachers and designers.

To Copy or Not to Copy? star
Tatting patterns, photos and book reviews and copyright. This article is saved from the May 19,2016 tatting newsletter for BellaOnline.com

Tomiko Morimoto Tatting Lace Lesson Book 2018 star
Tomoko Morimoto's new book, Tatting Lace Lesson Book" is a great teaching tool filled with lots of inspirations. Check out the great square doily with negative space in the back of the book.

Tomoko Morimoto - 3 Steps to Great Tatted Lace star
"3 Steps to Great Tatted Lace" by Tomoko Morimoto, NHK Jan. 2012. In this full size book with 28 patterns and 80 pages, Tomoko Morimoto presents the basic of tatting in three sections.

Tomoko Morimoto's Lessons 1,2,3 star
It is the tutorial pages which really shine in the new book by Tomoko Morimoto. It is in Japanese but the diagrams are well marked and they provides a lot of extra information, too, the amounts of thread needed to tat motifs combined for household linens, curtains, tablecloths, purses and jewelry.

Top Ten Tatting Books star
A list of books voted the top ten in tatting books. Please use this list to look for new tatting designers whose work you may have missed as well as studying the classic tatting books.

Toys for Tatting by Martha Ess star
One look at the proudly prancing pony on the cover of Martha Ess' new book, "Toys for Tatting," shows us that these are going to be playful patterns with many uses.

Treasure Tatting by Keiko Suzuki star
Treasure Tatting by Keiko Suzuki ©2014 with 90 pages in the A4 format has 50 pages of color and 40 pages of diagrams and instructions in gray tones. Japanese with numbered diagrams.

Viktorianisches Occhi by Julia Haug star
Julia Haug is introducing tatters to Mlle. Eleonore Riego de la Branchardiere, a famous tatter of the 20th century, in a small books of selected patterns.

Youko Hatakeyama's Flower Motif Tatting Lace star
This new book is a knock out! The cover is stunning. It features a completely tatted jacket with 3/4 length sleeves.

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