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This section includes links to pages where you can download many public domain free tatting books. Most of these are important volumes which you should include in your library.

Adeline Cordet Book 5 star[offsite link]
"Tatting Designs with instructions", Book No. Five by Adeline Cordet. Elaborate designs for the intermediate to advanced tatter.

Anna Valeire Crochet and Tatting Manual Book 2 star[offsite link]
This very early tatting publication dates back to around 1900. Your host is fortunate to possess a copy and it is well worth downloading this volume shared online by Georgia Seitz. The instructions are written in longhand and are fairly archaic but most patterns are simple and you should be able to decipher them. Enjoy!

Anna Valerie Book 2 star[offsite link]
"Crochet & Tatting Craft", Book 1 by Anna Valerie. Edgings, Medallions & Insertions, with full instructions on over 60 pieces for use in lingerie and the home.

Anna Valerie Book 3 star[offsite link]
"Tatting Craft," My book No. 3 Anna Valerie. Almost 100 designs, Old & New with 14 pictures of simplified instructions.

Anna Wuerful Brown Gifts & Novelties in Tatting #6 star[offsite link]
Anna Wuerful Brown Gifts & Novelties in Tatting #6 pub. 1916

Anne Orr Book 14 star[offsite link]
J. & P. Coats "Crochet, Cross Stitch and Tatting" by Anne Orr, 1923 Book 14. Only a few pages on tatting but there is an introduction to split ring tatting.

Anne Orr Book 14 star
J. & P. Coats "Crochet, Cross Stitch and Tatting" by Anne Orr, 1923 Book 14

Barbours Prize Needlework Series Book 2 star[offsite link]
Barbours Prize Needlework Series Book 2 is a "Treatise on Lacemaking, Embroidery and Needlework" published by the Barbours Brothers Company 1891. There is a section on tatting, pages 65 - 73. This copy is the 1896 third edition. See also:

Bath Tatting Book by P.P. star[offsite link]
1865 Bath Tatting Book by a tatter known only as P.P.

Beeton´s Book of Needlework 1870 star[offsite link]
Beeton, Isabella. Beeton�s Book of Needlework Consisting of Descriptions and Instructions, Illustrated by Six Hundred Engravings, of Tatting Patterns, Crochet Patterns, Knitting Patterns, Netting Patterns, Embroidery Patterns, Point Lace Patterns, Guipure D´Art, Berlin Work, Monograms, Initials and Names, Pillow Lace, and Lace Stitches. London: Ward, Lock and Tyler, 1870, 592 pgs. From the Antique Pattern Library See also: The book below is available for free online from Project

Butterick´s Tatting and Netting in 4 parts star[offsite link]
"Butterick´s Tatting & Netting" 1896. There are a total of 150 pages. Each part has about 40 pages. These are very long downloads. It is recommended to right click on the link and then click save target as to download to your computer for opening later. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Cartier-Bresson Frivolite star
Cartier-Bresson Frivolite, a vintage tatting booklet of 66 pages with instructions and patterns.

Collingbournes New Easy Way of making real Tatting and Maltese Art, Book no. 11. star[offsite link]
This has about 20 pages of lovely vintage tatting patterns plus many hairpin or maltese lace patterns, too.

Collingbourne’s Authority on Fine Arts: Crochet, Tatting, Knitting, Embroidery, Book No. 19. star[offsite link]
Contains only one tatting pattern on pg 26 of the original or pg 39 of the scan, but full of lovely vintage patterns.

Corticelli Lessons in Tatting star[offsite link]
This excellent early tatting book is a must have on your bookshelf!

Die Schiffchenarbeit - It's All Tatting star
Die Schiffchenarbeit - It's All Tatting Free tatting book online. There are no patterns. There are no diagrams. Just close up detailed photos of the tatting.

Digital Archive of Articles on Weaving, Textiles and Related Subjects star[offsite link]
This online library contains pdf downloads for many early textile books, journals and articles which are out of copyright.

Dr. Cantwell´s Receipts for everything star[offsite link]
Dr. George H Cantwell published at "Receipt" book with info on everything including tatting starting at pg. 436. Interesting explanation of basic instructions and patterns.

Eleonore Endrucks-Leichtenstern´s "Schiffchen-Spitzen" star[offsite link]
With the compliments of the Online Tatting Class, Martha Ess, and me, Tatting Editor at

Emma Farnes´ Book E Caps,Collars, Jabots star[offsite link]
New Crochet and Tatting Designs in Caps, Collars, and Jabots with instructions, My Book Number E by Emma Farnes. This excerpt contains the cover and tatting pages from that book, pgs. 9, 13, 14 and 15.

Emmy Liebert SchiffchenArbeiten 1 & 2 star[offsite link]
A group of tatters,( is working many patterns from the Emmy Liebert books this fall. This book is written in German and printed in the fraktur font which is difficult for many to decifer. The new models and diagrams are being added weekly to the page :, and

Girl´s Own Book of Tatting star[offsite link]
This copy of the Girl´s Own Book of Tatting (undated but vintage) includes instructions on basic tatting, joining and the definition of the term "pearl stitch."

Imported Design in Tatting Book 77 list star
Imported Design in Tatting Book 77 list of the pattern which have been modernized and diagramed so far.

Imported Designs of Tatting Bk #77 list star
Imported Designs of Tatting Book #77 Vintage Designs Modernized List of patterns diagrammed and modernized. Work in progress.

J&P Coats & Clark´s ONT Edgings Book 288 star[offsite link]
"Edgings for All Purposes", excerpt of the tatting pages only. 10 tatting designs with full color models.

J.P. Coats & Co. #14 6 tatting pages star[offsite link]
There are 6 pages of tatting patterns in this booklet #14 pub. by J.P. Coats.

Jane Gaugain´s 1840 Lady´s Assistant... star[offsite link]
Gaugain, Jane. Lady´s Assistant for Executing Useful and Fancy Designs in Knitting, Netting and Crotchet, Illustrated by Fifteen Engravings, Showing Various Stitches in the Art of Netting. Edinburgh, I.J. Gaugain´s, 1840, 210 pgs.

Ladies Bk of Month by Madame Elise 1987 star[offsite link]
Ladies Book of The Month by Madame Elise 1987 Share by M. L. Martin

Lily No. 58, Edgings Crocheted & Tatted star[offsite link]
"Edgings, Crocheted & Tatted," Lily series #58

Marie Antoinette Hees Book 5 star[offsite link]
a free download of Marie Antoinette Hees´ Book 5

Mee & Austin´s star[offsite link]
A very old tatting book by Mrs. Cornelia Mee and Miss Austin. It has a discussion of picots and their creation that is worth reviewing. This book influenced the new book, "Picot Play" by Martha Ess, 2011.

Mrs Beeton´s Book of Needlework star[offsite link]
Mrs Beeton´s Book of Needlework is an important volume which was published in 1870. Any needleworker should have it on her bookshelf and it is now available for free download from the Gutenberg Library online. Please note that this is a very large download and if you have difficulty you should contact the Gutenberg Library for advice.

Mrs. Beeton´s Book of Needlework star[offsite link]
Project Gutenberg´s Beeton´s Book of Needlework, by Isabella Beeton. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: Beeton´s Book of Needlework Author: Isabella Beeton

Needlecraft Dec. 1915 star[offsite link]
Several original patterns from the 1915 December Needlecraft, issue. "Necklace with Butterfly Slide" by Sarah Ethel Compton. This pattern inspired also Gina Brummet´s This section of the Needlecraft magazine has now been posted to the public domain archive: A variation by Wally Sosa: a variation

Nufashondrickrack Vol.2 star[offsite link]
This vintage booklet highlights the use of rickrack with crochet, needleweaving and tatting.

Old and New Designs in Tatting star[offsite link]
This is another lovely early tatting book by Sophie T LaCroix.

Priscilla Tatting Book #1 star[offsite link]
The Priscilla Tatting Books are marvelous collections of vintage patterns.

Priscilla Tatting Book #2 star[offsite link]
The Priscilla Tatting Books are marvelous collections of vintage tatting patterns.

Priscilla Tatting Book #3 star[offsite link]
The Priscilla Tatting Books are marvelous collections of vintage tatting patterns.

Public Domain Vintage Tatting Patterns star[offsite link]
Vintage Tatting Patterns in Public Domain in the Archive of the Online Tatting Class. Tatting pages and full booklets from 19th and 20th century tatting designers.

Riego 02 Tatting star[offsite link]
Tatting First Edition 1850 Instructions, edgings, collar, insertions, maltese work, bunch of grapes, and more.

Riego 03 Golden Stars in Tatting & Crochet star[offsite link]
Etoile Doree (Golden Stars in Tatting and Crochet) 1861 Collars, cuffs, doilies, antimacassars and intriguing designs.

Riego 04 Tatting, Edgings & Insertions star[offsite link]
Designs from Greek and Roman inspirations, Venetian and Etruscan inspired borders and insertions.

Riego 05 The Exhibition Tatting Book star[offsite link]
The Exhibition Book 1862 Maltese (Pearl Tatted chains and ring) work, star, diamond shaped insertions, Rosette edging

Riego 06 The Royal Tatting Book star[offsite link]
The Royal Tatting Book 1864, 1867 The 1867 edition has two illustrations in reversed position otherwise all the same. Lily of the Valley edging, Mignonette Border, Guipure Trimming and others

Riego 07 The Complete Tatting Book star[offsite link]
The Complete Tatting Book 2nd Edition 1866 Instructions, abbreviations, Gymp and Parisian Gymp Trimmings, Van Dyke Edging, doilies and more.

Riego 08 The Lace Tatting Book star[offsite link]
The Lace Tatting Book 1866, 1867 Gorgeous Lace Parasol, doilies, bonnet, Dresden Edging, antimacassar and more.

Riego 09 Simple Book of Tatting star[offsite link]
The Simple Book of Tatting 1867 Contains the oft reproduced Metternich Cravat and Edging, Lappets, Van Dyke Edging and more.

Riego 10 The Pearl Tatting Book star[offsite link]
The Pearl Tatting Book 1867 Lavish Lace collar and cuffs set, "Shakespeare", Pearl or Maltese work, Handkerchief edging.

Riego 11 The Raised Tatting Book star[offsite link]
The Raised Tatting Book 1868 Gorgeous Vintage Child´s Dress lavished with tatting lace good for a Christening Gown perhaps or special event dress for young child. Mignardise edging, Maltese square, pearl beading.

Riego 12 The Irish Lace Instructor star[offsite link]
The Irish Lace Instructor 1886 This is only the tatting chapter from this book. It has a parasol cover, edgings, doilies and some items from previous books.

S Annie Frost 1877 Tatting star[offsite link]
This is a nine page excerpt from the 1877 "The Ladies´ Guide to Needle Work, Embroidery, ETC., by Sarah Annie Frost Shields. Chap. Vll pages 65 - 72. Refers to the half stitches as the English or French stitch. A few patterns and

S Annie Frost Tatting 1877 star
"The Ladies' Guide to Needle Work, Embroidery, ETC., by S. Annie Frost" being a complete guide to all kinds of Ladies' Fancy Work, with Full descriptions of all the various stitches and materials, and a large number of illustrations for each variety of work." 1877

Sajou Album for Frivolity Works star[offsite link]
Album for Frivolity Works #16 Published ©1861 by SAJOU, Embroidery and Tapestry Patterns Manufacturer, Paris.

Schiffchenspitze by Tina Frauberger star[offsite link]
"Ich Kann Handarbeiten" is the German title of a public domain book we know as "Handwork from our grandmother´s era". The original was published in German by Mizi Donner and Carl Schnebel, 1913, Berlin. The tatting section, "Die Frivolitätenarbeit (Occhi-Technik)" was not attributed to any one person in my edition in the front. I have recently compared the information, illustrations and patterns and determined that at the bottom of the photos of the lace pieces, they are the work of Frau Tina Fr

Tatting - Thiriez Cartier Besson star[offsite link]
A vintage tatting book with some popular traditional patterns, like the leaning flower which uses the inward facing picot.

Tatting Book #111 Spool Cotton Co. 1938 star[offsite link]
Tatting Book #111 published by the Spool Cotton Co. in 1938. This vintage tatting books contains many simple traditional edgings. Medallions and tatting for baby also included with household linen embellishments. Good, straight forward pattern with excellent photos but no diagrams. Directions given in old-fashioned written out manner. If you need help modernizing the patterns, please write to

Tatting Book No. 43 Anne Orr star[offsite link]
Anne Orr book #43 contains the regular narrow and wide edgings, more than a dozen motifs as well as 11 large pieces for doilies and table linens. These larger pieces take time and the result is worth it.

Tatting by Therese de Dillmont star[offsite link]
You will need to scroll down, but listed on this page is Therese de Dillmont´s lovely little book "Tatting".

Tatting is the perfect Art star
In tough economic times, we often face the choice of giving up certain pleasures in order to be certain of the necessities of life. A tatter will not need to face this hard choice. Our tools are inexpensive.

TBC Instructions and Designs for Tatting star[offsite link]
"TBC Instructions and Designs for Tatting", T. Buettner & Co., 1916. Contains info and photos of novelty braids of the time.

TBC Instructions for Tatting star[offsite link]
The Buettner Co.tatting book 1916. This public domain book has many types of machine made lace braids combined with tatting. The all tatting patterns contain several wide edgings, apron trim and baby caps

The Application of Coronation Cord for Modern Needlework and Trimmings star[offsite link]
Coronation cord patterns to inspire the tatter. For the remainder of the pages, replace the #1 in the link with the numbers 2 through 20.

The archive of tatting books in public domain star[offsite link]
This important collection of downloads includes many of the volumes from the 1850s and 60s when tatting publishing and the development of terminology was in its infancy. Anything in these books will require most careful study before proceeding with the work as the instructions are rather quaint.

The Art of Tatting star[offsite link]
This important volume, published in 1910, contains illustrations of work done by Lady Hoare and Queen Elizabeth of Romania. There are no patterns but anyone interested in tatting should still have this as it is a superb book with wonderful photographs. Look particularly for the Queen of Romania´s jewelled tatting and the exquisite christening gown made by Lady Hoare´s blind mother. Some of Lady Hoare´s tatting can still be viewed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The Bucilla Blue Book 1916 star[offsite link]
The Bucilla Blue Book #3 of 1916, Original Designs in Tatting, Novelty & Filet Crochet published by Bernhard Ulmann Co., Inc. of New York. Tatting section begins about pg 28 of scanned document. This contains a wonderful mixture of tatting patterns both simple and dainty and challengingly complex.

The Girl´s Own Book 1858 ed. w/tatting star[offsite link]
Lydia Maria Child (1802-1880) was an American abolitionist, women´s rights activist, Indian rights activist, novelist, and journalist. The first edition of her book, "The Girl´s Own Book" in 1833 did not have tatting. But by this edition in 1858, there was a tatting section with instructions and patterns.

The Lady´s Manual of Fancy Work star[offsite link]
This important volume by Mrs Pullan, published in 1859, contains not only fascinating descriptions of needlework and life at that time in London, it quite possibly contains the first use of the true chain.

The Pearl Stitch star
The Pearl Stitch as used in The Girl's Own Book of Tatting

The Young Ladies´ Journal 1885 star[offsite link]
The Young Ladies´ Journal. Complete Guide to the Work-Table. 9th edition 1885. Tatting. There is a 7 page section on tatting, pgs 117-124. This site is a fee site, but there is a free copy available. It contains all but one of the tatting pages.

Vintage books free download star[offsite link]
A collection of public domain books posted for free download.

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