Floral Design
From seasonal and holiday arrangements to weddings and other important occasions, these sites have items, tips, and the information you need to make these successful events. .

Decorating with Fruits star
Fill your home with holiday cheer by creating decorations with fruits of various sorts.

2011 Almanac and Calendar Reviews star
Those who love flowers can choose from many different almanacs and calendars. For 2011, two of my favorites were released by Llewellyn Worldwide.

Additional Gift Ideas for Flower Lovers star
There are many types of items suitable for flower lovers. Items include everything from flower stationery to cutting garden tools and seeds.

All Occasion Gifts for Flower Lovers star
Throughout the year there are all sorts of occasions when gifts are needed for birthdays, housewarmings, and other celebrations. Floral-related items are just the thing for flower lovers.

Angelonia as a Cut Flower star
Cool season cut flowers like snapdragon don´t grow as well during the heat of summer. That´s where the angelonia comes in handy. This is also known as summer snapdragon. These plants have a distinctive fragrance somewhat like grape soda.

Any Color Poinsettia You Want star
I may not care for Christmas trees, but all the myriad kinds of poinsettias never fail to amaze me. These make great cut flowers.

Books for Flower Lovers star
For those flower lovers on your holiday shopping list, books are a great choice. Here are some suitable titles.

Buying That Perfect Valentine´s Gift star
It´s a good thing Valentine´s Day only comes once a year. This is one of the most anxiety-ridden holidays of all. Don´t lose sleep trying to dream up a perfect gift. Here are some ideas.

Caring for Your Poinsettia star
Whether you received a poinsettia as a gift or bought it as a holiday plant, there are a few things you can do to keep it looking better longer.

Celebrate July 4th in Style star
The colors of July 4th are no mystery. How you choose to use those tones for your Fourth of July designs is your decision.

Celebrate July 4th in Style star
Independence Day has been celebrated since 1776. The colors for July 4th are no mystery. How you choose to use them in your designs is totally up to you.

Celebrate With Spring Flowers star
Spring is such a special time of year. The earth returns to its verdant state with lots of garden flowers in bloom. Many of these make very suitable cut flowers, including some early-blooming perennials.

Celebrating Easter with Floral Designs star
Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Though we don't need a special holiday to honor this season, there are several occasions.

Choosing Flowers for Mother´s Day star
Choose cut flowers with care for Mother´s Day. Your mother deserves the best.

Color Trends in Floral Design for 2008 star
Each season bring its own twist to the color palette. According to color trend forecasts, certain shades will be especially hot during the summer months.

Consider the Lilies of the Fields star
Easter is never the same date two years in a row. In 2005, it falls on March 27th. For Easter, the Easter lily represents the very spiritual essence of the occasion. On that day, it is used on altars and crosses.

Crafts for the Holidays star
Crafts are one of the most useful hobbies, of which floral design is only one. Using various kinds of craft techniques, we can create custom-made items with floral themes for home decor and holiday gifts that are suitable for friends and family.

Decorate With Wreaths star
Throughout the year wreaths make ideal decorations for the home.

Decorating for Fall star
Fall comes at the perfect time of year. It occurs when we´re tired of the usual summer activities, and need a change. Take advantage of the bounteous season by creating fall decorations for the garden.

Decorating Holiday Tables star
The season is abuzz with holiday parties and open houses. Use flowers and other floral materials to create stunning holiday tables for your events.

Decorating with Herbs and Flowers star
When we´re bored with the usual holiday decorations, flowers come to the rescue.

Decorating with Holiday Plants star
Christmas accounts for 30% of all floral and potted plant purchases. That may sould like a lot, but realize that 85% of that is for poinsettias, which are also used as a cut flower.

Easter-a Time of Rebirth and Renewal star
By the time the spring holidays begin arriving, people are ready for a celebration. Unlike the other occasions, Easter doesn´t fall on the same day every year.

Fall Asters as Cut Flowers star
Each season of flowers has its stars. The fall asters are among the loveliest blooms you will find.

Fall Floral Design Ideas star
The essence of the fall season can be expressed beautifully in floral designs.

Fall Florals star
When it comes to fall floral materials there are more choices than ever before. Here are some recommended items for fall harvest floral displays in 2010.

Fall Has its Appeal star
By the time autumn arrives, we´re ready for a change. Fall foliage introduces a fresh palette of colors for floral design.

Father´s Day Gifts for 2004 star
Shopping for dads can be so much fun. We know what sort of things they like.

Floral Design Color Forecasts for Fall 2008 star
The preferred color palette can change dramatically from one season to the next. As we move from summer into fall, this is a good time to look ahead at the fall color trend forecasts for 2008 and their use in floral design.

Floral Design for Thanksgiving star
Designing for Thanksgiving can be a challenge. The ideal theme is the fall harvest. By using seasonal vegetables, fruits, flowers, and foliage, you can create memorable designs for this holiday.

Floral Design Gift Books star
There are two kinds of people--those that enjoy shopping and the others that don´t. Bookstores are a godsend for the latter group. These will have suitable items for everyone on your holiday shopping list, including titles for flower lovers.

Floral Design Gifts for 2007 Holidays star
With the holidays fast approaching, here are some floral-related gifts for those flower lovers on your holiday shopping list.

Floral Design Gifts for Mother's Day 2008 star
Give floral design related gifts that your mom will love for Mother´s Day this year.

Floral Design Ideas for Spring 2008 star
With winter behind us, we can look ahead to the delights of spring. There are many ways spring ideas can be used in our floral designs.

Floral Design Ideas for the Holidays star
Apart from the Christmas tree and other seasonal decorations, there are all sorts of suitable floral design ideas for the holidays.

Floral Designs for Father's Day star
Father´s Day became a holiday much later than Mother´s Day. President Nixon proclaimed this to be a holiday in 1972.

Floral Designs for Special Occasions star
Throughout the year there are all sorts of occasions and celebrations that call for floral arrangements.

Floral Designs for Thanksgiving star
Halloween and Christmas are the two major holidays for decorations. With those two grabbing all the attention, floral designers often have little time to devote to Thanksgiving. With a little thought, it´s possible to come up with suitable holiday themes. Let´s face it. There´s only so much you can do with a turkey motif.

Floral Gifts for Mother's Day star
For flower lovers all sorts of floral related gifts are suitable for Mother´s Day.

Floral Ideas for Fall star
Fall is a wonderful time for floral design. It brings new colors and interesting plant materials.

Floral Related Gifts for Mother's Day star
For mom´s who´re interested in flowers, shopping for Mother´s Day is a breeze.

Florals for Fall star
Autumn brings a rich array of diverse floral materials for floral designers. Here are just a few.

Flower Arranging Book Review star
This title by P. Allen Smith is excellent for floral designers.

Flower Shows for 2010 star
For inspiration do attend some of the flower and garden shows for 2010. Here are details on some of those.

Flowers for Father´s Day star
Looking for that perfect Father´s Day gift? Flowers are the answer. Men like flowers too.

Flowers for the Holidays star
Throughout the year flowers are the perfect way to celebrate all of the national and international holidays.

Foral Design Ideas for Valentine´ s Day star
Aren´t holidays just wonderful? The importance of Valentine´s Day can´t be stressed enough. Here are some ideas for holiday designs.

Forcing Branches in Spring star
If you can´t wait for spring, start forcing branches for early blossoms. Stems of trees and shrubs are easy to force into bloom.

Fresh Flowers for the Holidays star
Don´t let the Christmas tree hog all the attention. Fresh flowers have their place in the holiday festivities.

Fun and Fabulous Pumpkins star
Fall is a time to rejoice in the bounty of the harvest season. The one plant that represents the quintessence of autumn is the pumpkin. The small ones are perfect for fall floral designs.

Gift Ideas for Flower Lovers 2006 star
Shopping for flower lovers is no problem. There are suitable gifts for every price range.

Gift Ideas for Mother´s Day star
The best gifts are heartfelt. Is it an accident that flowers and flowering plants are the preferred gifts for Mother´s Day and Valentine´s Day? That doesn´t seem likely. For this special occasion, there are many suitable kinds of floral gifts.

Gifts for Flower Lovers star
I know people that spend days doing their Christmas shopping. That isn´t really necessary if you have flower lovers on your holiday shopping list. They´re content with any number of items that relate to flowers.

Gifts for Flower Lovers star
When choosing holiday gifts, there are so many suitable choices for flower lovers.

Gifts for Mother's Day star
For mothers who are flower lovers, it´s very easy to find suitable Mother´s Day gifts.

Gifts for Mother's Day 2005 star
As I write this the day before Easter, I know the stores are getting ready for the next big holiday, which happens to be Mother´s Day. If you are thinking of buying a special, hard to find gift, it is never too early to begin planning.

Gilding the Poinsettia star
Painted poinsettias make delightful cut flowers.

Handmade Gifts for Flower Lovers star
Handmade gifts say you care. Those flower lovers on your holiday shopping list will treasure handmade creations featuring images of blooms and floral designs.

Have No Fear-Poinsettias Aren't Poisonous star
English ivy is poisonous, and so are foxgloves. But poinsettias aren´t. How did this lovely holiday plant receive such a bad reputation?

Holiday Decorating 2010 star
Flowers and greenery as well as other floral materials can be used throughout the house for holiday decorating.

Holiday Decorating with Flowers star
Flowers can be used in all sorts of holiday decorations.

Holiday Decorations star
It is really hard to overdo holiday decorations when you´re using natural materials.

Holiday Gifts for Flower Lovers star
The holiday season is upon us, and its time to start think about gift shopping. So many thinkgs make suitable floral gifts.

Holiday Gifts for Flower Loves 2008 star
Itis so easy to shop for those flower lovers on your holiday shopping list. There are so many suitable items.

Holiday Greens for Seasonal Floral Designs star
This time of year offers floral designs an opportunity to showcase their holiday arrangements.

Ideas for Handcrafted Gifts star
Hand-made gifts are a great way to show someone you care.

Ideas for Summer Floral Designs star
Summer is a time of abundance with many cut flowers available. There are lots of ways we can use flowers in our homes and lives during the summer months.

Macy´s Flower Show star
Where can you see a million flowers? At the Macy´s Flower Show. It features arrangements by Bouquet of the Day floral designers.

Miniature Roses for Mother's Day star
Give a gift that really matters for Mother´s Day. Often cut flowers are given on this occasion. Yet many women would love to receive their very own mini rose bush.

Mother's Day Gifts for 2010 star
When mons are flower lovers there are many kinds of suitable gifts for Mother's Day.

Nothing Expresses Love Like Flowers star
Valentine´s Day comes at a time when we really need it. Often people slip into the doldrums after New Year´s Day is over and the Christmas tree comes down. But this holiday gives us something to look forward to.

Pumpkin-on-a-stick star
Pumpkin-on-a-stick is one of the most spectcaular fall florals you can imagine.

Some Background on Mother's Day star
Mother's Day is celebrated in the U.S. as well as England. Here is some background on this American holiday.

Some General Gift Ideas for Flower Lovers star
There are many holiday gifts that flower lovers would love to receive. Here are some general ideas to keep in mind when shopping.

Some Gifts for Flower Lovers star
For those floral designers on your holiday shopping list, there are all sorts of flower-related items, such as calendars and books.

Spooky Blooms for Halloween star
By the time fall rolls around people are ready for some fun. This explains the popularity of Halloween. Celebrate the holiday with appropriate Halloween floral designs.

Spring Floral Design Ideas star
The world comes alive in the spring. Greet the new season with spring themed floral arrangements.

Spring Floral Ideas star
In spring the world laughs in flowers. There are many kinds of seasonal flowers during this wonderful season.

Stars and Stripes star
Celebrate July 4th in style with patriotic floral displays. These easy projects will leave you plenty of time to cook up a holiday feast.

Tabletop Christmas Trees star
In recent years, tabletop Christmas trees ahve become very popular.

Thanksgiving Day Floral Designs star
Thanksgiving is a special holiday that calls for special floral arrangements for holiday decor.

Thanksgiving Day Flowers and History star
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in both the U.S. and Canada.

The Colors of Spring star
The world is at its finest this time of year. On this occasion, we bid farewell to the dull colors of winter. All of that seems to change in an instant when spring arrives.

The Sound of Wedding Bells star
April showers bring May flowers. Weddings soon follow. Here are some tips to help you choose special blooms for these memorable occasions.

The Story of the Poinsettia star
There are two plants that symbolize the Christmas period. One is the evergreen chosen for the Christmas tree, and the other is the handsome poinsettia, which can be used as a cut flower.

Tulips and Daffodils for Cutting star
Spring is a wonderful time for floral designers. Here are some of the best tulip and daffodils for cut flowers.

Tulips as Cut Flowers star
Who can resist the spring flowering bulbs? Tulips are among the most popular cut flowers of the season.

Valentine's Day 2006 star
Looking ahead to Valentine´s Day 2006, what can we expect? Based on sales in 2005, flowers will still hold the number one place for gifts.

Valentine's Day Gifts star
Valentine´s Day is one of the most significant holidays of the year. Here are some gift ideas for flower lovers.

Valentine's Gifts for Flower Lovers star
With Valentine´s Day approaching, it´s time to think about gifts.

Valentine´s Day star
Before we know it Valentine´s Day will be here. Like many western holidays, this event is an amalgamation of pagan and Christian customs.

Wedding Flowers Book Review star
Now there's a wonderful book that will help brides-to-be plan their weddings.

Win the Ultimate Floral Make-Over for Your Home star
The ultimate floral make-over contest begins June 1, 2004. The event is sponsored by the Flower Possibilities website (http://www.flowerpossiblilities.com)

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