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For inspirational arrangements and details on creating them, these are the best sources.

2009 Flowers for Cutting Gardens star
For those with cutting gardens, a number of new cut flower varieties will be introduced in 2009. The following kinds can be grown from seed.

A Bountiful Harvest star
Autumn is traditionally thought of as the harvest season. our own gardens are a wonderful source of floral materials for the fall season.

A Trio of Fruits for Floral Designs star
When we begin to get bored with the usual flowers and greenery, it´s time to consider using other materials. The supermarket may be just the place to go.

Award Winning Cut Flowers for 2004 star
When it comes to choosing flowers for your cutting garden, you´ll never go wrong when you select All-American Selections flowers. For 2004, here are several award winning cut flowers.

Catalogs for Cut Flower Growers star
Those with cutting gardens can choose from any number of mail-order catalogs. The following offer lots of cut flower varieties.

Celosia for the Cutting Garden star
Celosias are a great choice for the cutting garden. These can be used as both fresh and dried flowers.

Celosia-Summer Flowers for Cutting star
Summer is a beautiful time. Cut flowers are so plentiful, and there are so many from which we can choose.

Clematis ´Inspiration´-A Superb Cut Flower star
If you tire of the same cut flowers all the time, try something unusual. Clematis are just the thing. Clematis ´Inspiration´ stems have a vase life of three weeks.

Color Predictions for 2004 star
Color changes with the season. Yet there is a lot more to color than that. Here are the color predictions from experts for 2004.

Color Trends for 2006 star
People tire of the same color. We want something new. That´s basically why we have color trends that change somewhat from year to year.

Contain Those Flowers star
Almost anything works as a container for cut flowers. Whatever you choose, be sure it will hold either water or wet floral foam. Having access to moisture prolongs the vase life of blooms.

Cut Flower Garden Catalogs star
For those planning cutting gardens, the following garden catalogs will be very helpful.

Cutting Garden Catalogs star
Those with cutting gardens can choose from a number of fine seed and garden catalogs. These include the following.

Cyclamen as a Cut Flower star
For special floral designs during the cooler months of the year, cyclamen can´t be beat.

Disease Resistant Roses for the Cutting Garden star
We can enjoy roses from our cutting gardens throughout the season. Generally I try to grow ones that are disease resistant.

Floral Designs as Art star
Art comes to life during Art in Bloom celebrations. Each year throughout the country these very special events take place at local museums.

Floral Ideas for Spring star
When it comes to the four seasons, spring is probably the best loved. During this season, we tend to see an increase in the kinds of cut flower stems that are available.

Flower Style Book Review star
For novice and experienced designers alike, "Flower Style-Arrangements for Every Occasion" is essential.

Flowers of the Year for 2005 star
For 2005, the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) announced its cut and dried flowers of the year.

Forcing Branches for Spring Color star
Spring is a time of celebration. The earth comes alive from iwinter slumber. Don´t wait until spring arrives to enjoy those blooms. Give nature a helping had by forcing some branches indoors.

Fruits of Winter star
Winter is a dark period. The short days and long nights seem oppressive at times. During this season, we need floral design more than ever. Despite its downsides, this season offers some interesting floral materials.

Grasses as Cut Flowers star
There really is a lot more to floral design than just flowers. Look around in nature, and you´ll see all sorts of suitable materials. Notice the flowering heads of grass in particular.

Green-the Neglected Fower Color star
This year St. Patrick´s Day is Thursday, March 17th. It seems like everything in the world becomes green for this occasion, including food. They even sell dyed flowers. But you need not settle for artifically colored green blooms for this or any other occasion. Why not celebrate with green flowers?

Herbs as Cut Flowers star
Lavender, the most beautiful of herbs. It´s fragrance and beauty are unmatched. What would summer be like without it? Lavender makes such a wonderful cut flower.

Joey-A New Cut Flower star
Joey Ptilotus is one of the most exciting new cut flowers for 2009. This is suitable for cutting gardens.

Milkweed and Other Top Performing Cut Flowers star
For 2011, you can choose from some wonderful award winning cut flower varieties. Here are details on several of those.

New Cut Flower Varieties for Cutting Gardens star
Though we´re barely over Christmas as I write this, the seed companies and garden centers are already making plans for a new season. For fd2005, they will have a number of new, exciting varieties that are suitable for cutting gardens.

New Cut Flower Varieties for Cutting Gardens star
Though we´re barely over Christmas, the seed companies and garden centers are already making plans for a new season. For 2005, they will have a number of new, exciting varieties that are suitable for cutting gardens.

New Cut Flowers for 2004 star
Each year, many new varieties of cut flowers are introduced to the market. These will be available at retail outlets. In addition, some of them are suitable for cutting gardens.

New Cut Flowers for 2009 star
Those with cutting gardens can choose from many new varieties in 2009. Here are just a few delightful new cut flower varieties.

New Plants for Cutting Gardens star
For 2009, a number of new cut flower varieties will be introduced. The following plants will be available from garden centers and nurseries.

Planting Hardy Bulbs for Cut Flowers star
Hardy bulbs belong in every cutting garden. These plants are very easy to grow. In addition, they require very little attention--a real bonus for busy floral designers.

Purple Majesty Millet as a Cut Flower star
Of all the grasses, the Purple Majesty millet stands out from the others. THis makes a delightful cut flower.

Rules of Floral Design for Beginners star
Floral design doesn´t really have any rules. Instead, it´s about creativity and following your intuition. Here are a few guidelines to help novice designers achieve those goals.

Some Unusual Floral Materials star
Floral design is not a static art. Novel materials are added to the palette every single year. So when you´re looking for something out of the ordinary, you can always find something of interest.

Summer Bouquets star
Those with gardens have an abundance of flowers. So many kinds of blooms are suitable for summer bouquets.

The Chinese Lantern star
At this time of year, the Chinese lanterns ripen to a gorgeous dark orange. These stems add a wonderful touch to fall and winter designs.

The Lady Apple star
Fall is a time of plenty. There are so many kinds of floral materials available, including lots of different fruit varieties. Take the apples, for example. Red, yellow, green, and multi-colored ones are used in floral design. My favorite kind for floral arrangements is the Lady apple.

The Language of Flowers and Roses star
Roses come in so many colors that you can pretty much take your pick. In the language of flowers, the colors can express different emotions or moods.

The Power of Flowers star
Acording to the National Geographic, Americans spend about $15 billon on plants and flowers every year. This is a good thing because flowers make people feel good not to mention the fact that they are very decorative.

Thompson and Morgan New Cut Flowers star
For 2009, the Thompson and Morgan seed catalog has a number of new cut flower varieties. These will be of particular interest to those with cutting gardens.

Throatwort star
If you made a list of the most popular cut flowers, the throatwort probably wouldn´t be on it. Yet, this is a very worth plant to consider.

Tropicals as Cut Flowers star
Whether they´re used for entertaining or everyday use, tropical floral designs dazzle. Tropicals offer everything you could possibly want in flowers.

Tussie-Mussies star
Every kind of floral design has a story behind it. That of the tussie-mussie is especially compelling.

What´s Ahead for Floral Design star
From the practical to the aesthetic, flowers have many uses in the home. For a brief look at what the Floral Design site will offer in the future, please read on.

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