Symbols - Nature

Here are the forces of nature that often show up in our dreams.

Dream Symbols - Moon star

Dream Symbols - Sun star

Earthquake, Earthquakes - Dream Symbols star
When the ground shakes underneath your feet in dreams, this could be a sign that you aren't on solid ground in waking life!

Flowers - Dream Symbols star
In waking life we send flowers as symbols of our emotions. What do flowers in dreams symbolize?

Ocean Dream Symbol star
Over 70 percent of the surface of our blue planet is covered by water. It is unique among all other planets in our solar system because of this life-giving fluid.

Snow - Dream Symbol star
In waking life at this time of year, people are either hoping for it or wishing it would go away. What does it mean when snow shows up in a dream?

Star, Stars, Stars in Dreams - Dream Symbols star
Stars are one of the night's lights--this article looks at what they might symbolize when they light up your dreams.

Swimming, Drowning - Dream Symbols star
Are you keeping your head above water or sinking beneath the waves? Find out what dreams of swimming and drowning might mean in waking life.

Tornado Dreams star
Dreaming of tornadoes may mean that swift change is coming your way.

Tree, Trees - Dream Symbols star
This article looks at the tree as a mythological symbol and how waking life trees translate as dream symbols.

Volcano, Volcanoes - Dream Symbols star
Volcanoes are associated with both divinity and destruction. Is your dream volcano a symbolic of awesome divine power or destructive emotional eruption?

Water - Dream Symbol star
While typically associated with emotions and spirituality, there is more to this life-sustaining fluid than can be summarized by a single definition.

Wind and Air Dreams star
To dream of wind is to dream of change, and a way of thinking, as air is very strongly connected to the intellect. It can be gentle, like a breeze or zephyr, or it can be life changing and tumultuous as a tornado. What does dreaming of wind mean to you?

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