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A First JavaScript Program star
Get your feet wet in JavaScript with this simple program.

A Simple JavaScript Countdown star
An example of a simple JavaScript counter suitable for use in a Blogger sidebar widget, or within the text of a web page.

Changing Page Styles on the Fly with JavaScript star
Ever wanted to create a web page where viewers can change the colors and layout at the push of a button? It´s easier than you think!

Comments in JavaScript star
Comments in your JavaScript code help document your work and can be a useful debugging tool.

document.write("Hello World") and other cases of something-dot-somethingelse star
A very gentle and basic introduction to JavaScript objects and methods and how to use the document.write() method to display text on a web page.

Getting Dates and Parts of Dates in JavaScript star
Methods from the JavaScript Date object to get local date and time.

Getting Ready to Learn JavaScript star
Find out about the skills and software you need to start learning JavaScript!

Getting UTC Dates in JavaScript star
In addition to allowing you to manipulate dates using local time, JavaScript also has a full-featured set of date functions for UTC time. Here we look at setting dates using UTC time.

Hearing Dog Tool - Adding Randomness star
In iterative development round three for our program to help train a hearing dog we add an element of randomness.

Hearing Dog Training Tool – setTimeout() star
In iterative development round two for our program to help train a hearing dog we add in setting the alarm using the DOM method setTimeout() .

Introduction to the JavaScript Date Object star
Quick and easy things to do with the JavaScript Date object

Introduction to UTC Dates star
An explanation of UTC dates and an introduction getting information from them using JavaScript.

Iterative Development First Pass – Hearing Dog Training Tool star
A look at how the initial pass in iterative development looks using a program to help train a hearing dog.

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators star
Arithmetic operators in JavaScript

JavaScript Basics - User Interaction star
The basics of collecting information from users and responding to them

JavaScript Increment and Decrement star
Learn to use the JavaScript increment and decrement operators "++" and "--"

JavaScript Pop-Ups star
Learn how to use the JavaScript alert, confirm, and prompt functions to create pop-up windows.

JavaScript Slide Show with CSS star
Building on the simple JavaScript slide show by adding CSS for a nicer more professional slide show.

JavaScript Slide Show With Functions star
Use JavaScript functions to create a JavaScript slide show with thumbnails that change as they are selected.

Making Simple Decisions in JavaScript star
Making simple decisions in JavaScript using "if"

Minimalist JavaScript Slide Show star
A quick and easy way to add a slide show to your web page with JavaScript.

O'Reilly School of Technology - JavaScript 1 Course star
Interested in taking a course in JavaScript? Want to earn a certificate in web programming? Need CEU credits? O'Reilly School of Technology's JavaScript 1 course may be your answer.

Program Planning – Hearing Dog Alert Training Tool star
A look at the planning stage of software development using a program to help train a hearing dog as an example.

Random Numbers in JavaScript star
Random numbers and what you can do with them in JavaScript.

Setting Dates in JavaScript star
Methods from the JavaScript Date object to set (or change) parts of dates

The <noscript> tag star
Making your web pages friendly and useful to non-JavaScript users with the noscript tag

User History and Creating a Back Button star
How and when to create a history or back button with JavaScript.

Using the <script> Tag star
Using the <script> tag to include JavaScript in an HTML or XHTML document.

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