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I Forgot to Forgive Myself by Sue Thomas
Sue Thomas, author of "I Forgot to Forgive Myself," speaks openly about healing, therapy, and forgiveness in the aftermath of divorcing her unfaithful husband.

Starting a New Book Club
Joining a book club is a great way to meet and discuss books with other readers and authors. However, if you can't find one that fits you, then just start your own.

A Racial Bias
From the Editor - Feedback from readers can be helpful and it is often enlightening. However, it can also be a reminder of how race weighs heavily on the minds of some readers.

Self-Publishing Writing Tips
The number one task for any author is to deliver a well-written book. Here are seven tips to help writers improve their craft before introducing their book to the reading public.

Queenie Book Review
The novel Queenie has been described as "light, breezy, funny and witty," but is it really just a quick, lighthearted read?

Avoiding Stereotypes for Characters of Color
No matter how good or creative the storyline is, if the characters are unrealistically developed the writer has failed. Here are three tips to help create well-rounded characters of color without the trappings of stereotypes.

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An American Marriage Book Review
As a book club selection, this novel will surely generate interesting discussions as there is so much to explore. However, does the basic story make for a great standalone read? That depends on if the reader can get past its one glaring flaw.

African American Literature Defined
What is African American Literature? Here's why that definition should change.

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